Backyard Band at Fillmore Silver Spring

Backyard Band Tickets

The Fillmore Silver Spring | Silver Spring, Maryland

Backyard Band

Promptly buy your tickets for the most enormous evening in rap of the winter! You guessed it, Backyard Band are back on the road for December, 2023 and rap audiences are HYPED! The leading place for rap concerts is the incredible The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Maryland, its happening vibes, its up to date surroundings and features make it the perfect venue in the state for massive events like Backyard Band, its going to be a wicked! If you haven't already then book off Friday 29th December 2023! follow the link above this second, before tickets are all gone!

Hip hop is coming to The Fillmore Silver Spring! Hip hop junkies can look forward to an legendaryevening of ageless hip hop classics. Backyard Band promises to be a night full of boogie. If you happen to be in Silver Spring in Maryland come over and experience smash hits from celebrated hip hop artists. The huge stage is all set for the performance of a lifetime. The sound and light engineering is truly out of this world, ensuring you get the full hip hop experience in Backyard Band. Worrying about parking? The Fillmore Silver Spring has convenient parking spaces nearby. Grab a snack, have a a sip in the adjacent restaurants. Get your tickets now!

Backyard Band at The Fillmore Silver Spring

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