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The Fillmore Silver Spring

Experience the incomparable atmosphere of the award-winning band Baroness, live at The Fillmore Silver Spring! Join us in this incredible event on Sunday, 23rd June 2024 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Baroness, hailed for their fast-paced performances, guarantees an evening filled with your favorite hits. Lose yourself in their chart-topping singles such as "Shock Me" and "Take My Bones Away".

With ticket prices from just $51, this is your opportunity to see a band that has been revolutionizing the Rock scene. Do not miss out on experiencing their critically acclaimed music firsthand.

Grab your ticket now! Click the 'Get tickets' link to ensure you don't miss a moment of Baroness's highly anticipated performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring.

Be there and hear the music unfold.

Baroness US Summer Tour 2024

Experience an EPIC evening of tunes on Sunday, 23rd June 2024 at The Fillmore Silver Spring. The anticipated Baroness US Summer Tour 2024 returns, alongside special guests Ruby the Hatchet and Filth is Eternal. Plunge yourself into this exciting musical space.


Introducing Baroness, well known for their distinctive heavy metal sound, originating in 2003 from Savannah, GA. Their most recent album "Stone" exhibits hits like "Anodyne" and “Last Word". Listeners regard their third studio release "Yellow & Green" as one of their top works. Baroness holds the impressive achievement of a quickly growing group of fans, as evidenced by their active social media presence. Key member Gina Gleason, the gifted lead guitarist and backing vocalist, continues to be a defining element of Baroness’ sound.

Ruby the Hatchet

Ruby the Hatchet brings a charged element with its distinct rock sound. Always delivering popular tracks like "Planetary Space Child", Ruby the Hatchet has continually captivated with the recent album "Fear is a Cruel Master". Their recent contributions showcase a singular mix of rock influences.

Filth is Eternal

Filth is Eternal brings an intense boost to the event with hard-hitting performances. Known for chart-topping tracks such as “ZED” and “The Dog,” this band's recent releases capture an evolution in their sound. Filth is Eternal’s recent tour engagement announcements have spurred intensified interest and buzz in the band's future.

The Fillmore Silver Spring Information

Located at 8656 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, Maryland, The Fillmore Silver Spring provides a premier venue experience for concertgoers. The spacious venue fits up to 2,000 guests for concerts. Known for its general admission layout, it also features a VIP Premium Seat Section within the balcony center. The entertainment venue is strictly free of smoke but offers an outdoor smoking area accessible from the main lobby. For more details, contact the entertainment venue directly.

Ticket Information

With Tickets are starting at $51. To guarantee your place at this famous event, get tickets through the secure platform "Ticket Squeeze". Simply click the "Get tickets" button to proceed. Given the interest of the event, tickets are quickly being sold out, so do not delay reserving yours.

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the fillmore silver spring

The Fillmore Silver Spring

The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910, US