Liberian All-Stars at Fillmore Silver Spring

The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Maryland



Liberian All-Stars at The Fillmore Silver Spring



Liberian All-Stars

The Fillmore Silver Spring

Liberian All-Stars tickets

Catch the ultimate Liberian hip-hop event at The Fillmore Silver Spring. On Saturday 27th July 2024, Silver Spring, Maryland will be rockin' with the EPIC rap and hip-hop concert of the summer.

Featuring from chart-toppers like C.I.C, your evening will be filled with non-stop hits. Prepare to hear C.I.C’s fan favorites. See the talent of Stunn as they light up the evening with their lively performances. Feel the charged atmosphere as Deetweh drops his most popular tracks.

Tickets start at $79. Don't wait and purchase now. Spaces are limited. Be part of the excitement at The Fillmore Silver Spring on July 27th and let's celebrate Liberian hip hop!

Liberian All-Stars Tickets from $79

Mark your calendar for an EPIC evening of musical talent with the Liberian All-Stars ensemble on Saturday, July 27, 2024. The stage will be none other than The Fillmore in Silver Spring, bringing world-class musical acts to Silver Spring, Maryland. Join the electricity and enjoy insane performances by C.I.C, Deetweh, Phil Caesar, Nuchie Meek, LibFOREIGN, Stunn and Bucky Raw.

Liberian sensation, C.I.C will thrill the crowd with his get-hyped songs. Famous for "Hello" and "Big Papa", C.I.C’s wholeness in the music scene is immense. His most recent work continues to garner praise, solidifying his spot as a top performer.

Deetweh, a force in the rap scene, is always delivering his hits "Jue You Bad" and "Rude", tracks that have secured his position in the industry. Recognized on the Billboard 40 Under 40 list, Deetweh’s work continues to evolve.

Phil Caesar’s presence shines in tracks like "Drink" and "Bright Future". His achievements include several awards and his new work has propelled him to greater success in the rap scene.

From "Champion" to "Bigger Than Me", Nuchie Meek’s tracks are a staple in the Liberian music world. Mixing global sounds with Liberian roots, LibFOREIGN is best always delivering tracks like "Foreign Love" and "Global Citizen". Stunn’s high energy performances and famous tracks such as "Hope" and "City Lights" make him an essential act in the Liberian All-Stars line-up. Rap lovers will not want to miss Bucky Raw’s performance. always delivering hits like "Temptation" and "Bonnie Dust,” Bucky Raw’s distinct sound has earned him a loyal following.

Situated in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, The Fillmore Silver Spring is the go-to spot for mega concerts. Designed to welcome 2,000 guests, this lively venue delivers an exceptional evening for all fans. the entertainment venue's affiliation with Live Nation guarantees high-quality acts and events.

Tickets for this shout-worthy event now, with rates beginning at $79. Purchase your tickets from the reliable shop, Ticket Squeeze and don't forget to click the "buy tickets" button to book your seats.

For additional details, get in touch with The Fillmore Silver Spring directly.

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The Fillmore Silver Spring

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