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The Fillmore Silver Spring | Silver Spring, Maryland


Music aficionados, mark your calendars! Wednesday 8th May 2024 heralds the arrival of the sensation that's taken the world by storm – Shallipopi! Prepare yourself for an exciting evening at The Fillmore Silver Spring where tunes will weave through the Maryland air, crafting an extraordinary night of auditory ecstasy.

With hits that have topped charts and captured hearts, Shallipopi promises a spectacle of sound, delivering performances of fan favorites that have defined a genre. The ticket price starting at just $94 is a small sum for the treasure of rhythmic bliss that awaits.

Do not miss the chance to witness the artistry of a lifetime, for nights like these are rare and coveted. Secure your spot in what is sure to be a full house. in the live performances of tunes that have echoed through countless speakers, their success a confirmation of Shallipopi's surprising talent.

Purchase your tickets now by clicking the 'buy tickets' button. This is more than a concert – it is a milestone. Will you be there to live it?

Prepare to be gripped! Shallipopi, known for a fusion of soul-stirring songs and exciting rhythms, is set to electrify the stage at The Fillmore Silver Spring. fans on the 8th of May 2024 will be enclosed in an atmosphere brimming with eclectic sounds that will resonate through the heart of Maryland. This night promises an exceptional auditory and visual spectacle customized for music lovers and Shallipopi fans alike.


Adored by 228K followers on Instagram, Shallipopi has undeniably charmed audiences worldwide. Beyond trending for a recent car incident, Shallipopi's resilience shines, continuing the pursuit of live performance excellence. Applauded for the recent "Odumodublvck's tour," and the possibility of a joint album with Rick Ross, the artist manifests a commitment to evolving the musical landscape, marking a career punctuated with notable achievements. Invigorated after a thrilling show in Abuja, despite challenging circumstances, Shallipopi brings the warmth of survival and the power of music to Silver Spring.

The Fillmore Silver Spring Information

A jewel in Maryland's crown, The Fillmore Silver Spring boasts a legacy of exceptional concerts. With a capacity to welcome 2,000 concertgoers and an arrangement providing both General Admission and a cherished VIP Premium Seat Section, every spot promises a clear vantage point of Shallipopi's engrossing stage presence. Celebrating over a decade of lively performances in downtown Silver Spring, the venue's rich history is a evedence for its premier hosting capabilities. Amenities at The Fillmore cater to every need, ensuring guests focus solely on the entertainment. Queries regarding the venue can be resolved by directly contacting The Fillmore.

Ticket Information

Tickets, starting at an accessible $94, are your passport to experiencing Shallipopi live in action. Secure your spot at this highly anticipated event through Ticket Squeeze by simply clicking the "buy tickets" button. Anticipate a powerful and moving performance by Shallipopi, demonstrating the resilience that is as popular as the music. Join other ardent fans as they congregate to witness the phoenix rise from the ashes, evident in Shallipopi's soaring sounds and moving performances.

Shallipopi at The Fillmore Silver Spring

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